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You Don’t Own Me | Lesley Gore

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PLOT:  A man is accused of murdering his girlfriend in a small town and starts to notice the more they think he did it the more his horns start to grow. He then embarks of a who done it mission from his horns.


GORE and special fx:  There was absolutely nothing special in this movie other than the horns look really good.  The gore at the end was cheesy if not very lame.

CAST:  I have always thought Daniel randcliffe was  great actor , especially after seeing him in the woman in black. I have had nothing but high hopes. But I would just like to say i really hope this wasn’t his best acting because whew it was bad. Not only was Daniel radcliffe bad but the lead actress to play his counter part shes a fantastic actress and shes barely in it.

OPINION:  This movie was the biggest waste of time I am so glad i didn’t have to pay money for this. I had hoped that its crazy out there concept would be what i liked about it but it ended up just making me dislike it even more. I found myself joking and laughing about what was suppose to be going on .


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The Sacrament

PLOT:  A documentary team goes to a private closed off community of people to observe their way of life and what they are about but sign up for way more then they bargained for.


GORE and special fx:  This is in fact a fund footage movies so dont expect massive amounts of gore but I would like to say when their was it was fantastic and beautifully well done. For the movies content I would say I was very pleased.

CAST: The cast  was amazing. I loved every character and this movie doe hold some personal value to me so this was just ….fantastic.

OPINION:  Eli roth really has done it again. I am just blown away. This is a movie that is based 100 percent on facts and let me tell you . many years ago as a child I saw this on the new with my mother and she cried so hard because of what happen and i knew kind of what was going on but not the details till later on in life. But to see this recreated almost perfectly from the new. well it was just devastating and heart breaking for me to watch. I will admit I cried and cringed a lot during this movie. That is very rare for me to do , but with its personal value it became a huge heavy hitter. I recommend anyone with any knowledge of eden to watch this and enjoy.


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PLOT:  A young couple are blessed to be welcoming a new baby into their life but tragedy takes place when financial burden sets in , what would you do to provide for your family?


GORE and special fx: At first this movie was very basic and there was flashy blood effects or gore and the dead body seemed lame. But like a bat out of hell all this special fx came out of nowhere! As little bit as there was it was good when it happened. I was so excited and happy to see how well a low budget movie did this.

CAST: The cast was mediocre at best but i was happy to see some guest appearances in the movie and really wish they were more involved in the movie and i also felt the main character was kind of lacking. I’m unsure if it was because i couldn’t believe he was that desperate or just a bad actor who knows.

OPINION:  I think the movie is definitely worth a watch but i am also disappointed for how much of a knock off this is of would you rather. the whole idea was exactly like would you rather except not in a house .it really should have been a sequel part to that movie.


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PLOT:  mindscape viewer comes to help assist a trouble young girl start eating but its not the eating he should worry about.


GORE and special fx: There is some blood in this movie but not in a crazy graphic way but in a hey we want an r rating but we didn’t get it but we still have blood kind of way. I really wish they would have made this movie spooky or graphic it would have been awesome.

CAST: The cast was absolutely fantastic it was probably on of my favorite things and the lead is my favorite actress aside from Jessica lange from horror story so i had to see this movie. I will admit i felt her character was very similar to violet in American horror story but she still did very well.

OPINION:  I thought this movie was fantastic. it had an interesting story that kept my interest the entire time. I also appreciated the ending and angles they had going on . its something I would rewatch again. The ending may have been a little weak but overall the movie was great.


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