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This is a blog strictly Based on Opinion of the movie I have seen. If you have any requests on things and opinions feel free to message ^_^. Also check out my personal Blog at happysharkjess.tumblr.com

Sick Nurses (2007)

Plot: 6 Close friends grow jealous of another friends relationship with the doctor and decide to get rid of her. when she becomes a threat they decide to go in for the kill but its only the beginning.

Fear Factor: I personally am no longer frightened by Asian horror movies but I wlll admit they are very clever when thinking up ways on how to kill people. wish is greatly appreciated.

Casting: Again when it comes to foreign movies, I cant really place anyone else in their roles. But I did feel like a few characters acting was a tad over the top or just meh.

Opinion: Story wise it felt like it was missing something and i couldn’t figure it out for a while but at the end they showed thee most craziest twist ever. I didn’t even see it coming. I was just dumb founded but impressed. I think the ending was horrible and i wish they ended it a way different everything leading up to the end was great but ugh so much let down.The cursed herself was kind of lame. I am a little over these type of movies using the girls hair as a weapon type of thing.

suggested films: The grudge, ju-on , tale of two sisters,


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The Loved ones(2009)

Plot: A small obsession with a high school crush takes a turn for the worst.

Casting: I have absolutely no idea who any of the actors were so trying to think about replacing them with someone else is virtually impossible.

Fear Factor: This movie was well done for what it was trying to accomplish. When it was suppose to be grimy it was to the fullest. It wasn’t really lacking in that department.

Opinion: There was some parts of the movie that were awesome and funny and just gritty and then there was some parts that was a huge let down. Coming into this film  had low expectations, it looked a little too low budget. Not saying low budget movies are bad, but usually newer low budget movies are bad.But It was surprising in that department. There were a few plots in the story that i felt was completely unnecessary or not fully developed. I do not want to spoil so much by telling you what i thought was not developed you would have to watch. I also did not like the ending. I liked everything leading up to the very end. the crawling to the car with the knife was absolutely priceless but the end was just blah. Which is why I gave it a 6 out of ten.

Suggested Films: Prom Night, May,  Wolf Creek , Carrie, people under the stairs, Mary Lou prom night two.


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Plot: A brother and sister are attacked by a wild animal in the woods. But then strange things begin to happen to them and their environment leaving them second guessing if it actually was just a wild animal.

Casting: Christiana Reece is always a superb choice for any film. I just always get mad that movies like to pull her hair up, they know she has a huge forehead flatter the girl don’t put her down.Also the other guy, I always forget his name. He is an alright actor his voice just really bothers me. I don’t know it just ehhhhhh.  a male lead from dawns creek was also cast that was a little much. I don’t care for him by I can by pass characters any day for a good werewolf flick.

Fear Factor: This has a few occasional  jumps and scares and i was surprised on some scenes and how gory they were then others just lacked.It felt like they just stopped trying.

Opinion: This is one of the movies I play in the backround while im cooking or writing a paper even possibly go to sleep. Its not something that’s scary or not over the top  but you can rest easy knowing that this tale has a happy ending. But for those who do not like horror movies this may catch them off guard if your like me cooking banana bread in the kitchen listening to cries and screams of help in the background.


Suggested films: American werewolf in paris, American werewolf in london, cursed,  underworld rise of the lycan, the howling, silver bullet

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Would You rather (2012)

Plot: A group of financially desperate people find themselves invited to a dinner party that can change their lives around but everything has a price.

Casting: Sasha grey being in the movie was a little over the top for me. She really isn’t all that great to look at plus her acting doesn’t say much at all. I really enjoyed Brittney snow though, she always plays the good intentions character in all her horror movies and she does a great job. I did feel that the lead host was irrie and very clever , very well written.I just hoped they would have developed the characters more.

Fear Factor: This movie wasn’t graphic , which was disappointing since the story was so well written. I also felt that the suspense was probably want the writers wants more than a “jump” factor.

Opinion: I think everyone should see this movie. Its different than most which i think is why it caught my I. But i felt it was lacking when it came to killing off the characters. I think they died off way too easy and I also wanted to see more suffering and more work put into playing the game to win the money. so i was disappointed there. The ending was a bit predictable for me. I knew she was gonna win and I knew the brother was gonna die. But Again I enjoyed it .

Suggested films: Saw, Hostel .


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After Life (2009)

Plot: A girl finds herself at deaths hands but is she really dead?

Casting: The casting was amazing. I love this movie

Fear Factor: not scary but this movie put myself and best friend around a loop. I really was sure on one thing but then it turned out to be another.

Opinion:This movie was long but visually beautiful but everyone should watch this if they like psychological thrillers.I love Christiana Reece.It was exciting yet  confusing but Honestly loved this movie. its a little slow for me to watch it again.But it was good for the sake of it being good.

all i found myself saying over and over again was ” is she dead though?”

Suggested films: Awake, Frighteners,sleepy hallow, hard candy, the sixth sense, sleeping beauty


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Funny Games (U.s Version)(2008)

Plot: A family of 3 come to their vacation home to realize they are not alone and that the games have just began.

Casting: The casting was fanfuckingtastic. Lets leave it at that. But the character models for the family was absolutely atrocious.

Fear Factor: Okay let me start by saying this is not scary not gory nor graphic nothing. But this movie is a trip.

Opinion: If you are okay with watching very long…very long movies that are suspenseful and talk a lot. then by all means this is an amazing movie. But the actual family made me so mad the entire time. they were stupid and were entirely fucking useless. It just made me angry I don’t understand what the fuck was going through they’re heads. I don’t understand their motives whatsoever. I don’t get the killers motives either… like what was the game i don’t understand the game! LET ME KNOW WHAT THE GAME IS?! or was it just because they .. ya know fuck it I don’t know.

Suggested Movies:strangers,You’re next , The purge , Vacancy


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Midnight Meat Train (2008)

Plot: A young photographer explores his city in hopes to find the perfect set of images for a galley only to find himself watching and capturing a murder in process.

Casting: I felt a few of the characters were a little lame. BUT! The lead male protagonist and antagonist were spot on.

Fear Factor: This movie had an occasional jumpy scenes but was extremely suspenseful and very edgy. I like it when movies make me bite my fingers >.< so much excitement.

Opinion: I think everyone should see this movie. I don’t care if your scared of movies, or hate horror movies or hate gore. this movie is fucking beautiful. visually its beautiful and contrasted so well. The actual story is so well done and different (bravo Clive barker) I just think this is a must see.

Suggested Movies:hellraiser, maniac, American Mary, night breed, decent,


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Audition (2001)

Plot: A middle age man decides to throw a fake audition for a movie to snare a woman. But when he catches more than he bargained for things begin to get a little “deeper and deeper” down the rabbit down.

Casting: I think everyone in this movie was casted perfect just not the male lead. I don’t know if it was because he was unattractive or what but i just felt that he himself didn’t look the part he was playing .I pictured his character looking and acting a little different than how he portrayed it.

Fear Factor: This movie isn’t huge on fear but it is very big on disturbing your sense of comfort zones.

Opinion: This movie is very slow which is what i had an issue with. I also felt there were some unstructured areas in the movie but it doesn’t change the fact that this was a beautifully fucked up movie. I cant say I watch this movie often but, It sits on my shelf as a reminder that it exists and I didn’t just have a bad dream .

Suggested films: American Mary, hostel , lady vengeance, ichi the killer, hard candy. maniac.


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Maniac 2012 (remake)

Plot: A young confused boy grows into a man, now owning his recently passed mother’s Mannequin shop. But there is more than meets the eye to this ” Timid Man”

Casting: At first I was a little unsure about Elijah Wood but seriously.. those big blue eyes and big ass butcher knife, what not to like. But his character he played was perfectly even the girls and the way they looked suit them.

Fear Factor: This is a very slow movie just like the original but there isn’t any jumpy scenes but the killing scenes were so clean ,I even found myself rewinding it so i could re watch the scene.

Opinion: I think one of my favorite things about this remake is that it didn’t feel like a remake. It felt like I was re-watching the movie with a different actor and it was so perfect and the music was the icing on the cake. The music felt like I was living in the 70’s but looked like the new age. Overall its a slow movie. I didn’t quiet get some things about his disillusions.  The ending was a little open for me but I enjoyed it very much.

Suggested films: Original maniac, slumber party massacre, April fools day, blood feast, American psycho


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Rant, Future apologies.

Dear Followers, I apologize to the lack of me not posting but finding a good horror movie to watch for someone like myself has become rather difficult. For most it is but not for me.

With saying that I would also like to point out that most other blogs like to review remakes.. and just flat out shit for movies.  So here is a little random fact about myself. I have collected over 400 horror movie dvd’s In my lifetime.  With saying that I have probably seen almost 1000. I can name everything I have and haven’t seen.

But I refuse to reblog and post most remakes unless I actually have an opinion about it . So for all you horror movie fanaics that are like” oh em gee you guys this movie is so awesome and so gorey” I would like to make you a delightful little list of everything that is a fucking remake and or stolen from another country from off the top of my head. So some things will be left out but again from the top of my head.  Maybe this will educate some of you  to appreciate the past before the present and give you some fucking insight on where your ” passion” is actually coming from.  I wrote some below with the original names and original dates.

Black Christmas (1974) Carrie (1976) The Crazies (1973)The Hills Have eyes(1977) Dawn of the dead(1978)Day of the Dead(1985) The Eye (2002) Friday the 13th(1980) Ju-On(2000) The Haunting (1963) The Hitcher(1986) House of Wax(1953) One missed call (2003) Dark Water(2002) The uninvited aka Tale of two sisters (2003)

Here is some more but I don’t feel like writing the exact dates just even posting that they are remakes is exhausting.

House on Haunted Hill, Shutter, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre , 13 Ghosts, The wizard of Gore, The woman in Black, I spit on your Grave, Last house on the Left, Let the Right One in, Mirrors, Night of the demons, Prom Night , Pulse,  The ring,

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